I have been writing ever since I won a prize as a country North Queensland kid. My win for an essay about the future seemed an acceptable payoff for the realization that I would never be a mathematician or a scientist!

I discovered English Literature in my first university degree. After graduating and working briefly as a teacher, I honed my writing skills as a print journalist, editor, and self- publisher. True to Renaissance versatility, I diverted for decades into child rearing, parenting, alternative schooling, psychology and school counselling.

Now I am back to my first and enduring passion: writing about life on this blog, journaling and studying the craft of writing children’s picture books, young adult fiction, flash fiction and short stories.

This year I’ve self-published Turtle Love, a beautiful, engaging children’s picture book about a boy who lived on an idyllic beach and the flatback turtles that nested there on summer nights (see Turtle Love page).

Also, my Flash Fiction piece Proof was published in the 2017 edition of  Short and Twisted, Celapene Press.

As a journalist and editor, I’ve had work published in The Queensland Times, Ipswich, Standard Newspapers, Melbourne, The Learning Exchange, (alternative lifestyle newspaper) Melbourne, Tech Talk (RMIT in-house newsletter), Melbourne,  Coming Out Naturally, a book on home birth; The Prepared Mind, a self-published quarterly newsletter on innovation in education.

I live and write in Brookfield, Brisbane in an octagonal, environmentally-friendly house shared with my husband, two daughters and a cat.

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